• Super Sub-Zero

    Update: You can now find the Tearaway Demo in the "Demos" section on the PlayStation Store.

    You can find a Tearaway Demo on the PlayStation Store! But, if you go to the Demo section on PlayStation Store the Tearaway Demo isn't there, so to find it, click the Search Bar and search "Tearaway", the Tearaway Demo should be one of the results. The size of the Demo is 961MB. Here is some stuff you can do in the Demo:

    • You get to select your skin color, hand size, gender and the character you want to play as (Iota or Atoi)
    • You get to use the Camera and upload pictures to "" or you can save the pictures to your VITA
    • You get to customize your character, you get to buy decorations and cut-out decorations
    • You get to play a good while of gameplay
    • Y…

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