Now It's not long untill possably one of the greatest Playstation Vita games will be
 released at the end of this MONTH!! And have you pre orderd? Maybe you have and soon you'll be getting a nice Sackboy dressed up as Iota keyring, brilliant Tearaway avatars, a fantastic PS Vita wallpaper and some Tearaway soundtracks! Or maybe you wil be getting a great exclusive skin for your very own rideable pig in the game, a papercraft plan to go along with it and some fabulous Tearaway costumes for your cute little Sackboy/Sackgirl.

Yep thats right It won't be long untill you'll have Iota/Atoi (depending on what character you choose) runing around bashing scraps on the head, traping those mean Wendigos in pop up papercraft traps and runing up sticky glue walls

But Teraway is not out yet and there is still time to make some of the papercraft characters by printing of the great papercraft plans you can find on Media Molecule's website. To go to Media Molecule's website click on the link below. Well thats It from me, oh and have fun with those papercraft plans!

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