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The Harbor

The Harbor is the second location in Sogport, and the seventh location overall in Tearaway.


Iota/Atoi has to go and find their friend. Along the way, they find the Harbor, and rolls into a small hole on a door on the Lighthouse.

Iota/Atoi meets a stranger that says he is keeping an eye on the face in The Sun, and says to go to the Tavern. He also opens up a pathway down.

Iota/Atoi finds that in order to enter the Tavern, they need a Heart Tattoo so they can be granted access. After making their tattoo, she goes into the Tavern.

In the Tavern, Iota/Atoi finds a paper cone. Getting close to the Cone, she says to show Your palm. She says you must go to the Wendigo Fissure. Iota/Atoi then travels to the Wendigo Fissure.


"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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