This is a list of all of the previous "Featured Users". Feel free to nominate someone in the comments below!

July 2013Edit

This Month's Featured User Is:
Hi, I'm SackLad. I have been editing on this wiki since it had just started and I'm an administrator here. I love playing LittleBigPlanet, so I cannot wait to see what Tearaway is going to like, it already looks amazing! If you want to ask any questions then feel free to contact me here.

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June 2013Edit

This Month's Featured User Is:
Hi, I'm Hellotyler. I am better known as Exo Man. I am the bureaucrat of the Tearaway Wiki. I am very excited for Tearaway to come out! I have created a fan character, Exo Iota, which is my icon. If you need any help on the wiki, feel free to leave me a message here.

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