Below is a list of all the Tearaway merchandise.


Eurogamer ExpoEdit


Keychains of Sackboy dressed as Iota were given away at the Eurogamer Expo to people who pre-ordered the game.

GameStop Pre Order KeychainEdit

Vinyl charms of Iota and Atoi were given away at GameStop locations with a pre order of Tearaway.

The GameStop keychains

Convention ButtonsEdit

At multiple conventions, Tearaway buttons were given away. Some had the game's logo was on some, while Iota and Atoi were on others. There is also one of Atoi on a pig.

Pre-order DealsEdit

Special Delivery PackEdit

The Special Delivery Pre-order Pack is a pre-order deal for Tearaway that comes with a skin and papercraft template for the Rideable Pig, as well as LittleBigPlanet Iota and Atoi costumes.

Jukebox PackEdit

The Jukebox Pre-order Pack is a pre-order deal for Tearaway that comes with the Tearaway soundtrack, Playstation network avatars for Iota and Atoi, and a PlayStation Vita Tearaway background.

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