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Gibbet Hill

Gibbet Hill.

Gibbet Hill is the fifth and final location in Valleyfold.


After a failed attempt to reach the face in The Sun, Atoi was told that in order to reach it, she needed to climb this mountain. Unfortunately, she had to hurry up because the fog was coming and the Sun was about to start setting.

Somewhere along the way, Atoi had to make her own Mittens, as mountains are very cold.

Atoi fails to reach the top before the sun was starting to set. Fortunately, You impressed everyone by turning the Mountain so she can launch to the Sun.

Atoi reached the Sun from the launcher, but the story went off since Scraps bounced her off it and caused her to crash into Sogport, where she meets her friend to come.


"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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Up here there is a lot of fog and is getting foggier as Atoi gets higher up the Mountain. It is also cold up here because it is a very high mountain. Atoi needs mittens to go past a certain point.

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