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I've noticed that some pages (such as Story) keeps saying "Atoi" instead of "Iota/Atoi". For an example, here is a couple things that are wrote on the "Story" page:

  • "Atoi is created from an envelope and some paper. Now she's on an adventure to reach the Face in The Sun to deliver her message!"
  • "Atoi has to go and find her friend. Along the way, she finds the Harbor, ans rolls into a small hole on a door on the Lighthouse."

Another example was on the Confetti page. It used to say this:

  • "Atoi can't collect confetti more than once, as they disappear and turn into plain white orbs after being collected."

(But I have already change it to "Iota/Atoi".)

See, it's almost like some pages are saying that Atoi is the only character in the game, when really, Iota and Atoi is in the game. Atoi isn't even the main character, Iota was announced first, then Atoi was announced later, so I don't see how the person who wrote that got confused and thought Atoi was the main character. Anyway, that doesn't really matter, they are both main characters. Maybe the person who wrote it has been playing as Atoi?

So, basically what I'm saying is, is that it seems like some pages are saying Atoi is the character you play as, so I think one day we should go through the pages and change them from "Atoi" to "Iota/Atoi".

Thank you for reading.

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Super Sub-Zero

I have also noticed the Wendigo page says "Atoi" and not "Iota/Atoi" too...

I agree. Thanks for bringing this topic up.
Hellotyler wrote:
I agree. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

No problem! Thanks for taking a look at the Thread!

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